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Dialing a phone extension is the same as you would use for a VoIP phone number. The only difference is the way internal and external calls are handled. The way extensions work is very similar to virtual numbers in that they both forward calls to other endpoints.

Line extension is a marketing strategy used to expand a product line. For example, if a company already sells a popular bag of potato chips, it may decide to create different flavors or sizes of bags of potato chips. This often occurs when a company wants to capitalize on the success of a particular product by making it available in different forms. It is less risky than launching an entirely new product, as there is already some customer base and awareness for the brand. Line extension is when a slightly different product is created from an existing product line.

line extension meaning

The bad news is that there’s no way to fully predict which product line extensions will resonate with your audience before you add them to your store. Line extensions are relatively low risk compared to entering a new product category. You already have a successful brand, so any related products you release will likely be welcomed by customer segments. Shoppers may already know your brand, but are waiting for the right products to come their way. With their popularity, the company continues to undergo product line extensions.

It gives customers more options

However, phone extensions work differently in a consumer or business context. If you are curious about phone extensions and how to use them for your business, this comprehensive guide takes line extension meaning a deep dive into the topic. The competitors of the brand also pull up their socks and come up with the strategy of their Product Line Extension in order to stay relevant in the market.

  • The classic Coke flavor with a hint of cinnamon for the holidays.
  • Olive oil has some legitimate health benefits over other oils, but it has now achieved a sacred status; any food dish that contains olive oil is assumed to be better.
  • As you have seen, extensions don’t differ much from phone numbers from a user standpoint.
  • But Crystal Pepsi did not start as a failure; the idea resonated with the market, and it successfully launched.
  • You acknowledge reality and understand that you are going to have to promote the idea of it being clear rather than relying on the bottle to do that for you.

The cultural preference results in India’s people wanting to make sure they are doing what they can to maintain the lightness of their skin or even lighten their skin from its natural tone. There is a demand for skin whitening personal care products such as soap and creams. So Cinnamon Coca-Cola failed to make the splash that Sprite Cranberry did, but I am sure the product still met the expectations of the people at Coca-Cola. It resulted in some free promotion, it connected Coca-Cola with the holiday season, and I am sure it displaced some competitive products in store for the three months. Before we go into the examples of line extensions, let’s make sure we understand what a line extension is and how it differs from a brand extension. This is a brand strategy alongside the brand stretching, line extension and multi-brands strategies.

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Organizations can save many hours by enabling extensions for individual users. Calling becomes more efficient but smaller extension numbers help in other situations as well. Employees can transfer incoming calls to the right person much quicker with extensions.

This can be a good place to start for newer brands or well-established brands that have not changed their offerings much during their many years in business. This trial and error is a worthwhile endeavor because occasionally a brand finds a new line that excites consumers and has staying power. Never mind the failures they might have had along the way, it’s just a matter of really understanding what shoppers want and finding new and exciting ways to provide it to them. This is also true of brand extension, but this retail strategy comes with significantly more risk. A line extension is when a current brand name is used to enter a new market segment in the existing product class, with new varieties or flavors or sizes.

You can set incoming calls to ring all extensions within the team at once or cycle through each extension until someone answers the call (round-robin routing). Users can create rules on which devices should ring for incoming calls as well. Suppose the sales manager has a desk phone, a business phone, a laptop, and the app on their personal cell phone. They can choose to have incoming calls ring all devices at once or to ring each device in a specific order until they answer the call. What if you already have staff and user accounts but want to add an extension?

If you are to introduce a new variant of your existing product, both you and the customer better know why. The confusion over the benefits of Satisfries should have been self-evident if the company was in touch with their customers and regularly soliciting their feedback. A survey or a focus group would have highlighted the confusion for executives. The new product was a failure, and they were removed from the menu less than a year after launch. Burger King failed to explain the advantage of Satisfries, so customers wondered why they would pay more for french fries with a different name. Health-conscious diners would order a side salad rather than the ‘less-bad for you’ french fries.

The benefits of using extensions

They are both virtual in the sense that they are not attached to a specific location or zip code. Both are made up of numbers, although extensions are often shorter. The difference between the two depends on the context in which they are used. Project teams or departments can have their own extensions as well. It allows users to contact colleagues in other departments or divisions of the business. A small business may not need department extensions but as your organization grows, it is a useful feature to have.

line extension meaning

Marijuana is now being legalized in many regions, and many people have a favorable view of hemp. In the a classic case of “throwing out the baby with the bathwater,” hemp and it’s usefulness got tossed out too. Even though hemp varieties of cannabis plants can’t be used to “get high,” the scrutiny and the stigma around the plant made it impossible for farmers to grow profitably. The settlers of the new world came over on boats with sails made of hemp, and King James decreed that the American colonists in Jamestown were to cultivate and export hemp plants. Lastly, you’ll need to present your new product to them in a location and at a price point that will encourage them to make the purchase.

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Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. There are ways to test out new products that don’t involve placing big bets or extensive inventory management. They sound.” The pivot allowed the brand to move from pubic care to treating eczema, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and other types of skin irritation.

The key difference between line extension and brand extension is that line extension typically involves creating new products that are variations of or closely related to their existing products. Whereas brand extension involves using an existing name or identity to launch a new product in a different category. Both strategies can be effective ways to expand and diversify a company’s product portfolio, but they must be implemented carefully to maintain brand consistency and avoid alienating existing customers. When discussing line extension and brand extension, it is useful to explore the potential risks of these processes as well as when and why they happen. The new product can leverage the same retail partners, supply chains, packaging, and other things that it shares with the old products.


When leveraged correctly, products may be readily accepted because of the popularity of the existing types of products. An example of a line extension is when a company makes a new product that is slightly different from an existing product. Traditional advertising campaigns have generally used mass media to reach their audience.

By introducing product line extensions such as new flavours, it is possible to increase the market share even with a mature product. Most of the food and beverage line extensions we discussed (Hellmann’s Olive Oil, Cristal Pepsi, and Burger King Satisfries) all https://1investing.in/ were responses to the trend towards health and ingredient-conscious eating. Unfortunately, line extensions based on health make your existing products seem unhealthy. Marketing executives and product managers develop and launch products as something to do.

The line extension will use the Rectangle for the constrain angle. The goal of this relationship is to save you time, trouble, and money down the line. Since hosted VoIP systems add traffic to the network, every extra line means provisioning more bandwidth. Extensions help you make the most use of the available resources.

The new product could be a different shape, color, size, or price from an existing product. For example, making a package of candy in a different size from what has already been available. Line extension may also occur from small variations of ingredients such as if a company that makes a well-known cracker creates a new version of the cracker with slightly different components and flavors. A line extension is different from the concept of brand extension. Brand extension is when businesses create new products that are in completely new product categories but still use the branded name of the company. For example, if a cookie company decided to start selling ice cream, drinks, and gum.

This enhances its market reach and market share, along with the benefit of brand enhancement. Secondly, extending into a new product or service that doesn’t suit your current offerings could cause an otherwise great product to fail. Consider Volkswagen’s failed attempt to extend it’s popular, generally affordable, brand into the luxury car market with the VW Phaeton. As DriverTribe reminds us, this was primarily because the logo didn’t fit the new brand. Line extension and brand extension address the marketing of commercial goods.

The first step is to create a directory that directs incoming callers to departments or specific individuals. When the caller dials the extension or selects an option, the call is routed accordingly. Phantom lines are long-short-short-long lines most often used to show the travel or movement of an object or a part in alternate positions.

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